Laguna Beach Jet Ski Dolphin Tours

Guided and unguided Jet Ski Rentals are available through AAA Jet Ski Adventures LLC at our location, 312 Bay Shore Dr, Panama City Beach, FL. 32407.

Dolphin Tours Near Laguna Beach

If you are looking for a vacation adventure you just found it. AAA Jet Ski dolphin tours are a blast! Many customers have told us that it was the highlight of their trip! There is a lot to do in Laguna Beach while you are here but one of tours should definitely be on your list.

AAA Jet Ski is the only jet ski rental service to offer partially guided dolphin tours near  Laguna Beach. Our experienced tour guides ensure you are comfortable on the water before you head out on your own for free ride time. We know where the dolphins swim so this is an opportunity to ride alongside these majestic animals and transform your jet ski ride into an unforgettable experience. 

Expectations for Your Jet Ski Dolphin Tour

Each tour is two hours long and is moderately paced. First, you will follow your guide out of St. Andrews Bay, where you can enjoy the tranquil waters and city scenery. Your guide will take you into the open waters of the Gulf of Mexico to meet the bottle-nosed dolphins. The guided portion of the tour lasts approximately an hour. Afterward, you are free to enjoy the remaining hour at your own pace on the jet ski. You can take the time to explore the area on your own and have fun on the water on the jet ski. You can explore shell island, walk the sugar sand beaches, snorkel the jetties, or simply ride. Please remember there is no returning to the Gulf during the unguided portion of the tour.

What Are the Dolphins Like?

There are an estimated 10,000 bottle-nosed dolphins residing in the Gulf of Mexico, so your chance of seeing them is quite high (though not guaranteed). They can dive down as far as 2,000ft to feed on fish and sea creatures before splashing back up to the surface. They are playful, curious animals who will often have fun by flipping their tails as they dive down or even leaping out of the water. They enjoy playing with the wake created by some vessels, so you could be lucky enough to experience a dolphin playing in your jet ski wake on your dolphin tour. While they look and appear friendly, you always need to keep in mind that they are wild animals, so it is important to watch them from a respectful distance and let them come to you. Never chase down a dolphin and move away entirely if it starts repeatedly slapping the water or continuously exhaling loudly. Those are both warning signs that the dolphin has had enough of you.

What Else is There to See on your Laguna Beach Jet Ski Dolphin Tour?

During your unguided time, you are free to find a suitable area for snorkeling where you can discover the amazing underwater wildlife. On Shell Island, you can explore pristine beaches and discover ghost crabs, deer, and even sea turtles. Please not that there is no returning to the Gulf during the free ride time. Only riding in the bay is permitted during this portion of the tour. There is so much to see in the area; your time will disappear quickly. Fear not though, because in addition to our Laguna Beach dolphin tours, we also offer pontoon boats to rent for full or half days if you need more time on the water.

Important Things to Know about AAA Jet Ski

At AAA Jet Ski, we take safety very seriously. Our Laguna Beach dolphin excursion is fast paced so experience operating a ski is recommended. If you were born on or after January 1, 1988, you must possess a Boaters Education Certificate; otherwise, we cannot let you operate the jet ski. This can easily be obtained online before your arrival and takes around 15 minutes.

  • Our prices include up to two guests per jet ski. However, the combined weight cannot of both passengers cannot exceed 350 lbs.
  • Also included in the price is all the necessary fuel, a life jacket, other safety equipment needed as well as a map.
  • Please bear in mind that if inclement weather threatens the safety of the excursion, then we may have to postpone the dolphin tour, or cancel it entirely.
  • For obvious reasons, we can and will refuse anyone that appears intoxicated in any way or is visibly unwell.
  • Minimum Age to operate a ski is 18.
  • All operators and passenger must be able to swim.
  • There will be a security deposit for each ski of $250 that must be placed on a credit card.  

How to Book Our Laguna Beach Dolphin Tours

Our dolphin tours can be booked in several ways. The easiest is to book here on the website. If you have not yet arrived in Laguna Beach and you want to ensure you do not miss out, you can book ahead online or by giving us a call at 850-541-6879. If you are already staying in the area, you are welcome to stop by and make your reservation in person.

Since we are the only jet ski rental service to offer partially guided dolphin tours, they are extremely popular and are booked up quickly, particularly in the high season. To avoid disappointment, ensure you book as early as possible so you can take part in this incredible experience.

Why settle for an ordinary jet ski ride when you can add dolphins into the mix? Contact our team at AAA Jet Ski today and start looking forward to your dolphin encounter. 

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