What to Expect on a Guided Dolphin Jet Ski Tour

Bottlenose dolphins are the most numbered species of marine mammal on the US coast, right from Cape Cod to the Gulf of Mexico. They’re the most likely sea mammal for you to bump into when you’re doing a jet ski tour along Panama City Beach, Florida.

These guys love to socialize, be it with humans or other marine mammals, so you’ll more than likely find yourself getting your fill of dolphin love.

However, before you head out on your guided dolphin jet ski tour, let’s get you acquainted with exactly what to expect.

What is a Jet Ski Tour?

If you’ve never been on a jet ski tour before, then it’s not surprising that you’re wondering what it’s all about.

Basically, you’ve got different kinds of jet ski tours, and more often than not, it’s based upon your own ability as to what you can do and where you can go.
For example, less experienced or younger participants would need to ride with someone as a passenger on the jet ski tour. However, if you’ve ridden a jet ski before, you will find that you’re probably able to drive yourself.

Jet Ski Dolphin Tours

There are two main things you need to do when embarking on a guided dolphin jet ski tour:

  • Respect the power of the jet ski and the power of the ocean
  • Respect the dolphins and sea life

It’s easy to get excited with how fast your jet ski can go, with how exciting it is to jump waves, and then to get overjoyed when the first group of dolphins joins you.

Respect your tour guide and follow the rules when it comes to how to ride your jet ski and how to interact with the dolphins. Make sure that if you take a water bottle or drink with you, keep the empty, and throw it away when you’re back on land.

Routes Are Important

When going on a guided jet ski tour at Panama City Beach, the route is often pre-arranged. There is a reason for this. The guides on these tours usually know the water and the landscape like the back of their hands.

There could be rocks just under the surface that we don’t know about or riptides that need to be avoided. Try not to wander off on your own while on your guided dolphin tour. It’s really unsafe.

What to Expect From the Dolphins

Dolphins are incredible creatures; from the way they interact with each other to how they choose to interact with us. However, they are still wild animals and need to be treated as such.

Listen to your tour guide, respect their instructions, and more importantly, enjoy your time with the dolphins. Don’t forget to take a waterproof phone or camera along so that you can document your experience and create photo memory keepsakes.

Have Fun at Panama City Beach

A jet ski tour is not all that Panama City Beach has to offer, although it’s the best place to start. There are also pristine beaches and Shell Island just waiting to be explored.

We’ve got exactly the jet ski dolphin tour package that you need to make an unforgettable experience, so contact us nowto book it.

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